Camping Tents: The Definitive Guide

Posted in Backpacking on March 30th, 2016

The outdoors can be fun. On the other hand, the elements can be a bit harsh if you go unprepared. One of the most important tools that you will need for your outdoor activity is a camping tent. With the number of camping tents in the market, it can be a bit frustrating to choose the right one.

Unfortunately, not all camping tents are the same. Each user also has his or her own preference when it comes to camping tents. Here’s a complete guide that you can use when buying camping tents.


Camping tents serve as your temporary shelter in the outdoors. It is important that the camping tent is comfortable for you and other usrs. It should have the necessary space wherein you can take a nap and relax after a long day of hiking. It should also be able to protect you from bugs and other elements out there.

Height and size

Size makes a huge factor in choosing the right camping tent. It is highly ideal for campers to pack light in order to minimize stress on their backs. However, not all tents are light.

You also have to determine just how many people are using the tent? There are camping tents for two to three people, while there are individuals who prefer to have a camping tent on their own. You have to also evaluate the height of the tent to ensure that you have enough room to move inside the tent. As rule of thumb in choosing the size of the tent, you have to give at least 25 square feet per person.

You also have to remember that the size of the tent should accommodate all your things from cooking equipment to sleeping bags.

Shape of the tent

The shape of the tent makes a huge difference in your camping experience. Typically, you get to choose from dome, umbrella or A-frame tents. For hiking enthusiasts, square floor shape makes a more efficient option for your camping needs.

Tent poles

Tent should have considerably durable support. Typically, you get to choose between either fiberglass or aluminum pole when buying a tent. For some designs, manufacturers even include bent sections which prevent damage on the tent itself.


It is common that manufacturers make use of both nylon and ripstop fabric in their tents. Ripstop is more common among heavier tents. On the other hand, there are also different types of nylon material that you will see among camping tents. Coated nylon is typically seen among waterproof camping tents.


If you are camping in summer, you have to consider both doors and windows on camping tents carefully. You have to choose a tent with enough screened windows and doors to allow sufficient air to go in and out of your tent.


You also have to consider the price if you are going to buy some camping gear including a tent. Keep in mind that not all cheap camping gear makes the best option. It is ideal that you also compare the other products that you see online to have an idea which item brings the best bang for your buck.

Finding the perfect camping tent is not as hard as you think. Using this guide, you will be able to pick the right camping tent that can cater to the type of outdoor activity that you are about to do with friends and family.

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